Topic 6

Final Post: Farewell UOSM2008

What have I learnt? UOSM2008 has reconstructed my views entirely on the digital world. Beforehand I underestimated how important living and working on the web is to the knowledge economy and shaping our identities. However, through the weekly blog posts and interacting with the lecturers and my colleagues, I now have a greater understanding of… Continue reading Final Post: Farewell UOSM2008

Topic 5

Would You Pay to Read this Blog if it Cost £1,000?

As a student, I am usually first to exploit freely available information online; this is called open access: when knowledge is shared without charge and without most licensing restrictions. Personally, I benefit from open access through scientific research however, free online content also includes media platforms such as newspapers, music and television shows which is… Continue reading Would You Pay to Read this Blog if it Cost £1,000?

Topic 4

When Privacy Becomes a Problem

Ethics are a system of moral principles; they affect how people make decisions and lead their lives. Therefore, ethical issues occur when a conflict between the languages of right and wrong are present. Following this, as social media creates a space to invade personal privacy, ethicality is becoming a greater concern within professional use of… Continue reading When Privacy Becomes a Problem

Topic 3

Topic 3 Reflection: If I had to do it all again

This week’s topic addressed authenticity within online professional profiles and like most people I was naturally intrigued because I manage my own professional LinkedIn profile. Moreover, similar to previous topics, this subject was broad in spectrum and could be explored by focusing on ways to behave professionally online or by avoiding posts that contain inappropriate… Continue reading Topic 3 Reflection: If I had to do it all again

Topic 3

Topic 3: Building a professional digital profile

In a job seekers quest to market themselves as salient, competent and perfect for the role it is extremely tempting to combine various online templates to formulate the ideal candidate or to fabricate your work history to erase that time when you were dismissed from your job. But, what happens when you cannot live up… Continue reading Topic 3: Building a professional digital profile