Introductory post


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Hello world,

My name is Raziya Mitchell and I am currently a third-year psychology student at the University of Southampton. The premise of my course includes modules based on neuroscience, statistics and social psychology so taking a class in digital literacy is outside of what I am use to. Following this, I chose the Living and Working on the Web module because I endeavor to pursue a career in market research after completing my degree. Subsequently, I acknowledge the importance of being digitally competent in the research sector especially as we are in a growing technology revolution. Moreover, from this module I would like to learn more about how to enhance my online social presence by exploiting the use of widgets, plugins and social networks.

Taking this into consideration, this table contains a 1-5 self-assessment scale of my current ability to use the internet  (1 being inexperienced while 5 being experienced).  Consistently, at the end of the semester I will assess myself again to evaluate my learning.

  Rating at start of module Comments
Accessing, managing and evaluating online information


1 –        Very minimal
Participating in online communities



2 –        Just my LinkedIn profile
Building online networks around an area of interest



1 –        Linkedin based on my career
Collaborating with others on shared projects



1 –        Very minimal

–        Googledocs on group work

Creating online materials (text, audio, images, video)



1 –        No experience
Managing your online identity



2 –        Linkedin

–        Minimal

Managing your online privacy and security



2 –        Minimal

–        Keeping profiles on private and filtering friend requests

Furthermore, I understand that working online will come with its challenges but I am so excited to begin this journey. Please take the time to read my posts, follow my progress and don’t hesitate to interact with me.

Pray and Slay beautiful people

Raziya x


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