Topic 1

Topic 1: A reflection

Prior to writing my first blog post, I overestimated the extent to which I was a digital resident, I anticipated that blogging would be a lot less challenging than the psychology modules that constitute my degree because I use the internet daily. However, I was wrong; I have quickly discovered that blogging is challenging in its own respect.

Following this, topic one required an exploration into the terms Digital Visitor and Digital Residents (White & Cornu, 2011). As these are academic conventions that needed to be encapsulated into a short and concise blog post I found it difficult to get the language correct, I wanted to come across as conversational and informative but not colloquial. Nonetheless, I began to feel more comfortable with the tone required of me after each draft and correction.

Additionally, from this topic I have been introduced to the widespread literature on digital learning and have witnessed its evolution. Consistently, through reading the blog posts produced by my colleagues this has further validated that digital competency is accessible to all through learning and applying prior skills/knowledge as Mary’s post greatly highlights. Subsequently, digital engagement should be viewed as a continuum White (2011) which is further exemplified by Madeline because her activity on social media which is typically a digital residents tool is also used for functional purposes such as contacting family and friends.

It was interesting to read everyone’s perspective of this topic, here are some of the comments that I made:

Furthermore, the comments on my post both challenged and encouraged me overall, the comments have motivated me to ensure that I am well read and that in future posts I explain my message more clearly so it is not misunderstood.

Word count: 291


White, D. and Le Cornu, A. (2011) Visitors and residents: a new typology for online engagement. First Monday, 16 (9).


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