Topic 2

Reflections: Topic 2


Figure 1. articulates the importance of reflections

I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s topic it was intellectually stimulating and something that we can all relate to. Respectively, when investigating multiple online identities, there are many avenues that can be explored and closely related topics that add value. So, I exploited this opportunity by utilising different graphics to maximise my content.

This week my approach was to read as many journal articles surrounding the topic as possible however, I found that the majority of information was in media articles, so my references gravitated more towards this end of the spectrum. Additionally, as aforementioned this topic was broadly based thus, after looking at the direction taken from previous students I decided to concentrate on partial online identities.

From my research, I learned that like those around me (not me because I am a non-techy hermit) people have developed an eagerness to recreate the offline world online. However, they are selective with what information they put where, which is congruent to offline principles such that behaviour is assorted to the appropriate environments. Consequently, with the gap between the online and offline world decreasing: will we ever be able to be our whole selves offline again?

Furthermore, as my post was quite focused it was great to read other people’s perspective on the topic. Brad Tombleson discussed the factors that contribute to online identities such as social desirability and the pressure to become a responsible digital citizen which I had not originally considered. Additionally, Caiti Simpson skilfully included the debate between different experts which I was also not aware of. For example, Mark Zuckerberg believes multiple online identities lacks integrity but Christopher Poole and others strongly disagree.

new-piktochart_20678596_87c3d0f7c933fcedb07dd6948d123a5441e16377Figure 2. Displays a summary of my learning

Subsequently, from the comments I was advised to shorten my paragraphs to make them more readable which I shall consider next week. I was also introduced to a Facebook scandal where authentic accounts were being deleted thus contradicting Mark Zuckerberg’s views. Consistently, here are the links to comments that I made:

 Word count: 350
Figure 1. Self-produced using canva
Figure 2. Self-produced using piktochart

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