Topic 3

Topic 3 Reflection: If I had to do it all again

This week’s topic addressed authenticity within online professional profiles and like most people I was naturally intrigued because I manage my own professional LinkedIn profile. Moreover, similar to previous topics, this subject was broad in spectrum and could be explored by focusing on ways to behave professionally online or by avoiding posts that contain inappropriate content.

Correspondingly, extracting from my personal experience and reading the posts of my colleagues I discovered a range of factors that contribute to making an online professional profile: novel, salient and authentic. Consistently, this is nicely summarised in Ed’s post, he does well in selecting the most important factors for behaving professional online, namely investing your time to reap the benefits of a solid profile and strong network. Additionally, I was extremely inspired by Emily’s use of infographics and graphs to explain why LinkedIn is superior to other social networks for professionalism. Seeing her use of visual aids and the way they were implemented into the text gave me a lot of ideas for my post.

Following this, from my feedback on Topic 2 I aimed to make my infographics clearer to read. Subsequently, Figure 1 seeks to further explain how I have improved from last week and my goals for next week:


Figure 1. Displays a recap and self-assessment of topic 3

Furthermore, Ed’s comment on my post challenged me to think about private online profiles and whether this can still be effective for social recruitment. This is a valuable concept to consider because “putting yourself out there” may be more suited to extroverted personality types; however, I do believe that to fully exploit the benefits of social recruitment it is best to have a professional profile that is public and then a secondary private profile if necessary.

Overall, a lot of time and effort needs to be put in, to making a professional profile one that showcases your talents and skillfully merges your professional and personal life. Notwithstanding, with the right guidance this is not completely impossible.

Here are my comments:

Emily and Ed

Word count: 300


Baker, E. (2017). Professional Profiles – why you need one and how to make one. [Blog] Edward Baker Blog. Available at: [Accessed 18 Mar. 2017].

Black, E. (2017). Topic 3: Professional Persona’s online. [Blog] Emily B 2017. Available at: [Accessed 18 Mar. 2017].

Figure references

Figure 1. Self-made via Piktochart


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