Topic 6

Final Post: Farewell UOSM2008

What have I learnt?

UOSM2008 has reconstructed my views entirely on the digital world. Beforehand I underestimated how important living and working on the web is to the knowledge economy and shaping our identities. However, through the weekly blog posts and interacting with the lecturers and my colleagues, I now have a greater understanding of many new concepts, which the below PowerPoint aims to encompass.

Following this, UOSM2008 has improved my academic knowledge as well as my presentation skills; I am now well versed on how to make a multitude of graphics thanks to the help of the wonderful Piktochart (my personal fave), Canva and Powtoon.

At the beginning of the module, I struggled with self-producing the graphics I posted and when I did make my own graphics they were often poorly developed and too informative. However, as the course has progressed my graphics have become a lot more skillfully illustrated and creative; now most of my posts include all self-produced graphics. Relatedly, the following infographic will explore my improvement further.

uosm timeline12.pngAdditionally, despite never having studied any form of digital marketing/web science module before. This hasn’t stopped me from relating my degree (psychology) and the knowledge that I have acquired from UOSM2008 with each other. Correlations between the two are especially evident regarding online identity (UOSM) and self-concept (psychology). Following this, self-concept can have several implications on the potency of our online identities (Livsey, 2013).

Correspondingly, I have applied the skills that I have learnt from UOSM2008 to my psychology work: here is an infographic that I made for my psychology of advertising class.

Print ad inforgraphic.png

In summary, my development from UOSM can most accurately be depicted in my self-assessment, measured previously in February and again in May 2017.


Online social presence

Before UOSM2008 I shied away from using social networks, I had a LinkedIn account but I rarely updated it and never attempted to use any other social networks for fear of over accessibility and uninvited intrusion. However, taking UOSM2008 has shown me that my fears will not become a reality if I use social networks appropriately. Correspondingly, topic 3 emphasised that social recruitment is largely increasing thus it is advantageous to have an online profile which demonstrates your personality and competencies. Thus, I now use twitter and I make a conscious effort to manage my online accounts in a way that expresses my interests without my posts being detrimental to my future career success. Additionally, although I do not always post regularly I have found twitter useful to interact with lecturers and to keep up to date with the latest UOSM news.
raziyacreates online1.png

Moreover, from being more active on social media, I have been contacted by recruiters on LinkedIn.

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 10.55.10

The Future

Furthermore, I am now in the final weeks of my degree and I have decided to pursue a career within social research. Following this, UOSM2008 has helped me to be more technology savvy, research efficient and to present data in a more concise and visually aesthetic way; thus, I am excited to exploit these skills within my future career endeavours. Consistently, I will continue to tweet and to update my LinkedIn in attempts to find employment but to also stay in touch with my UOSM family.

I would like to thank Lisa, Sarah and Nic for all their helpful advice and feedback, as well as my peers for their inspiring work that I have greatly enjoyed reading throughout my time on this course. UOSM2008 has been my favourite university module and I hope that more university modules utilise modern technology within their assessment methods in the future.

The contents of this post are summarised in the below video:

Word count: 504

I can be found online at





(Livsey, 2013)

(Morrison, 2015)

(Prensky, 2001),%20Digital%20Immigrants%20-%20Part1.pdf

(White, 2011)


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